Smoked Lake Trout Grilled Cheese

A few years back I was given some Lake trout and was able to smoke them. Since then I have spent a good amount of time trying to catch some more lake trout so I could have more smoked lake trout. It is easily my favorite smoked fish. SO when I came across a recipe for a smoked salmon grilled cheese I started thinking about how good that could be with smoked lake trout.


On a recent trip over to Lake Michigan the group I was with  managed to catch a couple of lake trout so as soon as they were on the boat I had a few ideas as to what I was going to do with them. The first idea was for a smoked trout rillette that was fantastic. The second idea was for the grilled cheese. In the original recipe they used a dill goat cheese, smoked salmon and ciabatta bread. All of that sounded great but I wanted to use this smoked lake trout instead. I couldn't find any dill goat cheese so I used and herbed goat cheese instead and of course a nice pumpernickel bread. 

The sandwich couldn't have been easier to make really just four ingredients including the mayonnaise that I brushed the bread with. It was smoky and creamy and just the right amount of crunch and chew from the bread. If you happen to have some smoked fish laying around I would highly recommend you give this a try.