Poor Man's Lobster (Version 1)

Last month I said I was going to start making some of the different versions of Poor man's lobster that I have heard of. If you are unfamiliar with poor man's lobster click the link and catch up. If you are familiar with it then this one might sound familiar to you. One of the old Vets I took care of at the VA told me this one and I figure it was a good place to start.

The recipe goes like this, Cut up pieces of northern pike and soak them in white vinegar for 2-3 days. then boil the pieces of fish in sugar water and dip in butter I used a half cup of sugar for about 4 cups of water. Seems reasonable I suppose, the vinegar would soften the bones and the sugar water would make it sweet and it should be just like lobster. Well some of that it true. Yes the vinegar soften the bones and yes the sugar water made it sweet but it in no way tasted like lobster. I soaked the fillets for 3 days and I am certain that is to long. Not only were the bones soft but the whole fillet was soft. The only way I can describe it is that it had the texture and flavor of pickled lutefisk if pickled lutefisk existed. The over all wasn't horrible but I certainly wouldn't want to sit down to a meal of it anytime soon.

I had said that I was going to try and make each version in a couple of ways. Served with butter and then in a lobster roll. That wasn't possible with this recipe the fish was so mushy and soft that it would have turned to paste if I tried to stir in mayo. So as far as this version goes I can say that it doesn't at all remind me in any way of lobster. I may try it again if I get really bored and only soak the fillets in vinegar for a day at the most. I don't know if that will be enough time to soften the bones or not but maybe the fish will have a better texture.