Ramp Salt

Ramps are hands down my favorite of all wild foragables. The power packed combination of garlic and onion gets me crazy excited to get out into the woods looking for them. Year after year I pick them and then try different methods to preserve them so I can use them all through out the year. In the past I have pickled them and made pesto's and Chimichurri and all of those are wonderful but I am always looking to find new ways to use them.

This year I had about a half pound left over after making my Chimichurri. A half pound isn't quite enough to do anything with so I was going to grill them and eat them. Then it occurred to me that maybe I should throw them in the dehydrator over night and see how the dry. They dried really well and looked awesome but then as soon as you touch them they started breaking apart. They were very brittle and wouldn't have held up very well so I tossed them in the food processor and pulsed them into a powder.

Initially I was thinking that I could take the powder and add it to pasta and make some kind of ramp pasta. The only problem was that the ramp powder only added up to about 1/4 cup. Then it hit me, I could just add the ramp powder to salt and make a ramp salt to use through out the year. The very first thing I had to do was use it on a venison steak and it was perfect. I am going to try grilling some northern pike in the next couple of weeks and want to season those pike with ramp salt.

Ramp Salt

1/4 cup died ramp powder
1 cup kosher salt

Mix thoroughly and enjoy.