Saturday, June 26, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I was at the asian market and they had fresh pork belly in the meat counter.  They weren't whole belly's but I have been meaning to try to make pancetta so I figured why ruin a whole belly when I could ruin a pound at a time.  I followed the recipe from Micheal Ruhlman's book  Charcuterie and found that it really is almost fool proof.  The pieces of belly weren't cut symetrically so I was only able to roll one the traditional style but according to the book the belly's can be wrapped in cheese cloth and hung to dry for only one week instead of two.  Both turned out incredible and I can't wait to use it to make carbonara.  I fried up a bit the other day and used the fat to roasted some chicken thighs with some thyme and rosemary and they were fantastic.

I found that rolling was the most difficult part the instructions say to roll it as tight as possible so that no air pockets exist in the center.  Pork Belly being so fatty made this kind of tricky.  It was like trying to catch a greased pig.  


  1. Looks perfect! I can't wait to get a chance to taste it. I think we need to buy you a smoker and have you pay us back in meat.

  2. This looks so good! Seriously, restraining myself from licking the computer screen. You doing any classes yet?

  3. are you ready for my honest opinion? Ok here it is. the photo's aren't bad , could use some minor changes:
    1) simplify the subject , remove the distractions from the back ground.
    2)use the flash , you did ,great . try this --use a white piece of poster board , set it close to you subject but not in the frame, remember no distraction . retake the photo with the flash. the flash will reflect back on the subject giving you better lighting.
    3)place the subject on some sort of light color plate /placemate or surface. use flash , the light will reflect back on the subject.
    4) take several photo's from different angles . get low , get high ( no not the "happy high" ) with the camera.
    5) use props , make the subject appeal to the eye . it is already appealing to the taste buds. you want the subject to look ask good as it taste.
    overall good pics . just needs some minor adjustments. easy fixes . hope my suggestions help , always available to help and show techniques. later S.