Monday, June 28, 2010

Carbonara with home cured Pancetta

So my first venture with the home cured pancetta was good and I have been thinking of other ways to use it.  Today I fixed Linguini Carbonara,  it was fantastic.  Even my daughter who will turn one this week enjoyed it.  I started it by rendering the pancetta.

After the pancetta is crisp you add a cup of creme fraiche, one egg yolk, some parmesan and stir it until it is all combined.  It really is that simple to make the sauce.  Then you strain out the pancetta and set the sauce aside.  While the noodles are boiling you crisp up about four ounces of pancetta cut into a small dice when the pancetta is crisp you drain it and set it aside.  Once the noodles are cooked drain them, then add the noodles and sauce to a pan and heat to a simmer add the crisped pancetta, more parmesan and some chopped chives.  It is a quick and easy meal for two and was absolutely delicious.

As easy as the pancetta is to make and as good as it tastes I will have to make it back to the market to get more pork belly.  There is something greatly satisfying about curing your own meat and having it turn out.  The carbonara sauce is equally as easy to make and makes a quick and delicious lunch.  Enjoy!

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  1. I really don't have to much to say about theses pics. They are really good . The first one , I like because it shows movement from the frying . The only suggestion I would have is maybe the lighting on the second one. good choice of color with the plate. If you used a piece of white poster board , my guess is it was placed in front of the plate and the flash reflected off it back onto the subject. I can tell by the shadows. next time try the same s/u but add another piece of white board behind the subject. when this is done the flash will reflect into the first board ---subject---second baord filling in the shadows. This will "soften" the photo. overall these are good pics. key point --- anything dark will absorb the "flash", anthing light will "refelct" the flash. example : piece of chacolate cake place on a white plate , the flash (light) reflects off the plate highlighting the cake. Once again these are only suggestions , not a critism. keep up the good work . looking foreward to seeing what else you come up with . Later .