A Quick Snack

I know for most people a snack would be some chips and salsa or a granola bar or a cup of yogurt.  I on the other hand feel that if you can, every now and then, go all out and have one hell of a snack.  This is a maple syrup glazed Foie Gras with sauteed apples and shallots.  

This isn't for everyone, but my point is, even if you are just going to make a quick grilled cheese, from time to time treat yourself and make a really good grilled cheese.  Find some fresh made bread and get a couple different types of good cheese and really enjoy a grilled cheese.  This Foie Gras might be over the top for just a snack but it will probably be the only time I get to have Foie Gras this year.  I feel like we all need to slow down from time to time and really enjoy something.  No mater what it is that you enjoy take some extra time and make it from scratch and splurge a little on the ingredients and have the best snack or meal or breakfast you can.  We all deserve to treat ourselves, occasionally.