New Year's Day

I had to work New Year's eve this year so I did not get to enjoy the evenings festivities, however New Year's day I spent with great friends and great food. So this entry will be less of a written Blog and more of a pictorial Blog of the food we enjoyed from beginning to end.

Egyptian feta with blueberry honey and fresh made bread

Brie marinated in truffle oil, olives, sun dried tomatoes and herbs baked inside a loaf of bread.

On top from left to right, Burnt Nettle Cheese, Shepard's hope goat and sheep's milk cheese and smoked salmon cheddar. In the middle a Frog leg Rillette and dried venison salami. Across the bottom a venison terrine with cranberry and truffle vinegrette, marinated octopus and a trio of marinated olives.

Pheasant and duck sausage gallantine with roasted leeks and Pheasant gravy.

Poached figs with orange and honey whip cream

I had intended to do a couple other dishes but we were all so full we didn't need to. We will have to try them on another day. Tomorrow sounds good.