PBR Me? No Thank You.

I have noticed a very disturbing trend in the foodie culture that I just can't get on board with. When did Pabst Blue Ribbon beer become the in thing to drink? When I was 19 years old and living in California and couldn't afford anything else, I drank PBR. Mostly because I couldn't find Busch Light and I could get it in the 30 pack suitcase for $7.99 and that would last me and a buddy all night. Those were the days of quantity not quality. I am not saying that you have to drink imported beer or any of the thousands of micro brews that are produced, I am just saying that PBR is exactly what it always has been. Cheap flavorless beer. It is the type of beer that I drink when I go ice fishing, a beer I can drink all day and never get full on. When I look for a beer that I can drink all day I usually go for Busch light, or when I am ice fishing with my brother Special Export. But if I am out at a bar and am going to pay $4.25 for a bottle of beer it isn't gonna be PBR.

I believe there is a time and a place for these types of beer, I just don't understand why PBR is the in thing to drink. I was looking at the menu for a food event that is coming up in my area and PBR is listed as a pairing for one of the dishes. The only thing PBR should ever be paired with is beef jerky, kipper snacks or something covered in easy cheese. With all the beers we have to choose from and all the complex flavors there are, there is absolutely no reason to be using PBR as a pairing for anything. I was at The Happy Gnome a while back and they were putting on a beer dinner feature Rogue brewery. The chef prepared a five course meal using five of Rogue's beers and it was a phenomenal dinner. The reason it was so good was because the beers had their own personalities and flavors that paired well with the food. PBR wouldn't compliment anything, with the possible exception of a Totino's Pizza Roll.

For those of you that do enjoy the PBR more power to you, just don't try to make out to be more than what it is. If you are looking to find a beer that you could plan a whole menu around look at New Holland Brewery specifically the High Gravity series. The Charkoota Rye and the Dragon's Milk Ale are two of the best things I have ever drank. I beg of all of you, don't PBR me asap unless you are fishing, ice fishing or sitting in your garage watching the best of backyard brawlers. And certainly don't do it as a pairing for food, respect your food more than that.